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At Amherst Supply we are proud to offer our customers a wide variety of useful and economical services including:

Our team of experts can make your dreams a reality. We offer professional advice and products that ensure any project of yours is completed with the best quality and care.

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Custom Designed Pole Barns

Amherst Supply can offer you a complete material package for a custome pole barn project. Whether your barn is a stand-alone building or an addition to an existing structure our design team has the expertise to guide you throughout your project.

Our in-house manufacturing facility produces roof structures for residential and also commercial industry giving us the flexibility to custom create and quickly deliver your roof trusses and building materials.

We also have a large selection of siding, roofing and other building materials to help you in getting your ideal final appearance of the building. Come in and take a look or just take a look at our product lines within the site!

Engineered Truss Solutions

Amherst Supply is associated with Superior Engineered Wood Products which handles all of our truss building needs right in house! This ensure quality service and being able to get the job done quickly and efficiently right in your home town!

A Word from Superior

Superior Engineered Wood Products specializes in the design and fabrication of roof and floor truss systems for use in residential, light commercial and agricultural applications. Our mission is to provide the highest level of service, support, and product quality in the engineered wood product industry. We proudly operate out of the Windsor Essex County region and serve Southern Ontario, Michigan and Ohio, as well as Central and Western Canada.